Saturday, August 3, 2013

There is still hope...

I finally gave Mom the new prescription.  I've had it since Monday evening but, I just couldn't bring myself to give it to her.  I've had a few reasons for the hesitation. 

The first being that I didn't want to give her something new and then send her off to Day Care.  I wanted to be present to see how she reacted to it.  I didn't feel it would be fair for the Day Care to be the guinea pig if she didn't react well.  So, that meant that I had to wait until, at least, Thursday night for the first dose.

The second reason was that Mom has been relatively mellow for the first part of the week.   She was comparatively calm and did most things without an argument.  I didn't want to fix something that wasn't broken.

The final reason was the fact that I was scared.   I have been hoping for so long that this will make our lives easier and less stress filled.  But, this medication does not work for everyone.  What if I gave it to her and it didn't work or it aggravated her condition?  What would I pin my hopes on then? 

So, yesterday, she was done with Day Care for the next 4 days.  The mellowness had passed with a bang.  But, mostly, I know that this situation  is like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play.  So, I gave her the first dose last night.  The only difference that I saw was that it took her longer to settle down for the evening.  I can't say that she was more agitated.  But, I can say that I did not see a calming effect. 

Today is a new day.  I have given her the second dose and will cross my fingers, say my prayers and even send up smoke signals with good thoughts.  There is still hope. 

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