Sunday, July 28, 2013


You know those newfangled cameras that focus your picture automatically? It seems to magically calm the shakiest hand and take a clear, crisp picture... 

The only thing positive that came out of my visit to the Memory Clinic with Mom on Friday, was that the one doctor who actually saw us as people, gave us a prescription to help calm Mom's agitation, paranoia and delusions.  That piece of paper, tucked safely in Mom's packet of paperwork, became my focus.  We went to the Memory Clinic hoping to get this very prescription.  And, as long as I had it in my possession, the day was not a waste.

As of right now, our day from Hell was a total waste.  I went to pick up the prescription today.  The pharmacy was unable to fill it because the kind doctor forgot to include her license number and the insurance company denied permission to fill the order.  I  now have to trust that the pharmacy will spend the time to track the doctor's license number down.   

And here's where I need the auto-focus from that camera. My hand is shaky right now and I could use some help seeing the picture more clearly. 

p.s.  I've never done a p.s. on a blog entry.  I've had additional thoughts after I've published an entry, but I don't usually feel the need to add something.  Normally, I write, edit a few times and then hit the publish button..  This time I wrote, edited a lot and then let it sit. I edited and let it sit quite a few times and it still wasn't what I needed to say.  Most of you know that  I don't write this blog for any reason other that stress release and to help me put my thoughts in order.  So, why wasn't this one easier? Why couldn't I click that publish button? After walking away from this entry many times, coming back and rereading my words it hit me like a ton of bricks!  My auto-focus does not come from a camera. There is no magic button.  It comes from my faith.  And, when I put my faith in Christ, everything becomes clear.  He is my auto-focus. He steadies my hand.  He is the clarity that I need. 

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