Friday, April 6, 2012

Whippeedoodoo crazy...

If any of you wonder why I'm a little on the whippeedoodoo crazy side... here's a peek into our typical dinner conversation:
17 yr old daughter: The clouds are moving.
11 yr old daughter: The wind controls the clouds.
17 yr old: Who do you think controls the wind?
Me: They call the wind Mariah.
11 yr old : Isn't that a star?
Me: What?
Grandma: What day is it?
Me: No, it's Tuesday.
11 yr old: Isn't there a star named that?
Me: Tuesday?
11 yr old: Noooo.
Me: Mariah?
11 yr old: Yea, the Mariah Belt or something?
Me: The Orion Belt?
11 yr old : Yes. That. Isn't it about a wolf?
Me: The Orion Belt is about a wolf?
11 yr old : I should know because I went to the plantation.
17 yr old: Did you pick bananas?
Grandma: So tomorrow is Friday, right?