Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Knocking wood...

I'm knocking wood that I'm not about to jinx this but...

Last night, Mom went to bed without a sleeping pill and slept the entire night.

This morning, I got up early just to check on her because she hadn't been up wandering in the pre-dawn hours.  She was quietly sitting in her room.  I went in and helped her dress.  She didn't argue about a single thing.  She was confused about why her pants had "two of these things" and a little surprised that I wanted her to put both of the pant legs on, but no arguing.  It was more a look of pity that I was so ignorant about these things.

I made her breakfast and she ate it.  That is really shocking. Most mornings, I mentally quote the Life cereal commercial, "She won't eat it, she hates everything."  This morning I was able to add, "She ATE it! Hey, Andy!" 

When the van arrived, she calmly followed me out and calmly got on and offered to buckle herself in.  The driver looked at me and grinned.  He said, "Did the new medicine kick in?" 

We shall see, with still crossed fingers, but we shall see.

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