Monday, August 26, 2013

Spy training...

Yesterday, I spent several hours in the ER with Mom.  She's okay now.  It was more of a precautionary visit.  But, I woke up this morning and realized that I didn't sit in that little cubicle, spending hours physically restraining Mom from removing the gadgets and gizmos from her arm, mentally counting the moments until I could write.  And, while it was a very stressful day, it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle without this release. 

The most interesting part of the day was training how to be a spy.  Mom was convinced that the shadows that she could see through the curtain, and the wheels visible under the curtain, all belonged to some elaborate spy network.  As I restrained her arm from tugging at the IV and would beg her to stop, she would whisper to be quiet or would admonish me not to "blow our cover".  If I tried to distract her with questions about her past, she would respond with, "you're one of them, aren't you?"  Each movement outside of the curtain would cause her oxygen monitored, glowing red finger, to point, and her to exclaim in a stage whisper, "There!  And there!  That one was a woman.  You can tell by the black shoes!"  Or any number of variations of that thought. 

This went on for several hours.  I have to say that my favorite portion of the training came when she decided that she wanted to leave.  She told me, "You go out there and draw their fire while I slip out the other way."  I guess it was to be expected.  We all know that the double-agent is always the first one down.

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