Saturday, August 17, 2013

More random thoughts...

More random thoughts...

-Today has been one of those days.  Mom has been so hyper and argumentative.  It has been almost a year since she cussed at me or called me a name.  Today I got it twice.  My favorite was when she was reaching in to Kylie's purse and I asked her to stop.  She looked at me with hatred in her eyes and said, "Well, you cheap b****."  Why, yes, I am.  Thank you for noticing. 

-Mom is back to complaining about lack of food.  As she is eating, she is telling anyone who will listen (and those of us who don't) that she hasn't had anything to eat.  She then lists all of the food that she hasn't had.

-I really do appreciate some of the differences that this new medicine has brought to Mom.  She is more alert and has more energy.  But, those two pluses seem to come with an awful lot of negatives.  I am still weighing the worth of the pill.  We shall see.

-Mom's appetite has picked up.  That's a good thing.  But, just as soon as we give her the food, she still won't eat it or she tries to give it away.  We are experimenting, each time someone gets up for themselves, they have to bring Mom something back from the kitchen.  It can be a sandwich, some yogurt, or even a cookie.  She needs all of the calories she can get. 

-She is back to raising fists at us.  She wants to hit us, especially me, but she holds herself back. I wish I thought the medical establishment would care if she actually hit me.

-I can handle the threats and the name calling.  But, the thing that has always pushed my buttons is when she tells me (or anyone who will listen) that I am hitting her.  Earlier, as I blocked her way into the kitchen, she said, "You just hit me four times!" No, I didn't but you can't convince her of anything.

-I am just so tired of it all. 

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