Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It feels wonderful...

For a caretaker, one of the most often heard pieces of advice is, "Take time for yourself.  Do something that you enjoy."  Well, I'm doing something for me today. 

As you all know, my oldest brother used to watch Mom for a few hours each week...  When it was convenient...  When nothing else was more important or sounded like more fun.  Last year, his birthday fell on his day to watch Mom.  I showed up, gave him a pretty cool gift, and then I took Mom with me.  I told him that no one should spend their birthday as a baby sitter for an angry, old woman.

I won't be completely petty and mention that I did not receive the same courtesy for my birthday.  But, I will mention that he has not done any care taking for Mom since she started day care in March.  He did watch Mom for a couple of hours so that Katie could have a family dinner out, for her birthday.  And I am grateful for that.

But, since May, I haven't heard one peep from him.  Not one.  Not a call to see how his mother is doing.  Not a text checking to see if we are alive.  Nothing. 

So, what am I doing for me?  Today is his birthday and I'm giving him what he gives to me.  Nothing.  I am not even texting a generic Happy Birthday.  So, I'm doing something for me.  It feels petty.  It feels wonderful. 

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