Sunday, September 28, 2014

What is heavier than stone...

After our day of stone, I was hoping for an evening of diamonds.  Okay, maybe not diamonds, but at least something a little less ugly. 

Here we are, 18 hours after she got up for the day and she's still going.  She never settled down.  A double dose of medication didn't touch the agitation today.  Right now she is in the almost dark hallway searching for something.  She tries a door knob, if it is locked (and all but 2 of the 6 are) she feels around the doorjamb, bottom to top, across, then down the other side.  She then moves on to the next door.  If the door is open, she closes it and then feels the doorjamb.  On to the next door.  Searching.

You wouldn't think that simply running your fingers along some trim would create much noise, somehow it does.  When she arrives at her own opened door, she turns on the light, looks around, turns off the light and goes inside.  There she feels around the trim of her closet.  She then moves back to the hallway and starts back at the beginning.  I feel like I'm watching a live version of that children's story that never ends.  

All of this is while she is under the influence of a pill that should knocked her out two hours ago.

Our day of stone is turning into a night of lead. 

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