Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tick tock...

So much to do.
So much to get done.
I am counting the moments until she leaves.
Tick tock.
My list is getting longer.
I have to get things done.
I think the stress of it is killing me.
Tick tock.
So much to do.
Nobody knows I'm about to implode.
Nobody cares.
Tick tock.
Is the van here yet?
I have to get it all done.
I need to care.
Tick tock.
As soon as she leaves I'll start.
I just need to start.
Tick tock.
She's off to day care.
I can start my list.
I can get something done.
Tick tock.
Get up!
Do something.
Tick tock.
I can't move.
Start your list.
Do something before it all falls apart.
Tick tock.
I don't care.
It's falling apart.
Tick tock.

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