Friday, September 26, 2014

Another day that was not okay...

We drove to Los Angeles for an appontment with Mom's neurologist that was scheduled 4 months ago.  Unfortunately, Mom had been especially combative the entire day.  We had about 30 minutes to kill before we could check in, so we went out to a small courtyard that has vending machines and seating.  I thought that would be better than making Mom sit still in the waiting room.

It wasn't.  She was argumentative and uncooperative with everyone.  She demanded that strangers help her.  She would grab them by the arm and demand that they "do something".  Most people were sympathetic but there were a few who were clearly irritated.  I had a difficult time getting her back into the building so that we could check in.

We never checked in.  It turns out that they had cancelled the appointment 2 weeks ago.  They said they sent a letter that it had been cancelled and that they called me yesterday and told me.  I'm sure that they are telling the truth (sarcasm) because I would gladly choose to put myself through that hell and the trip to Los Angeles all for the fun and excitement of it all.  Their idea of help was telling me that they had rescheduled the appointment for the end of December.  Seriously.

I told the receptionist that we needed to see someone today because Mom's condition couldn't wait until December.  She said that we didn't have any choice because there was no one there to see her.  I asked what part didn't she understand, my mother just spent a half an hour picking fights with complete strangers.  She said, "That's not right.  You need to stop her!" 

When I refused to leave, they found a very nice charge nurse who took us to see someone who was able to help us.  Not the solution I was holding out for, but a compromise that will work.  

They are lucky.  I was one step away from leaving Mom there and seeing how long it would take them to find a solution. 


  1. Oh gosh, it must have been so frustrating. I think doctor's staff often forget that they are dealing with patients and have to be really meticulous with appointments and all.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I understand that mistakes are made. As you said, it was frustrating.