Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another day in paradise...

Mom has been up since before 5 am.  I'm not sure how long before, I finally looked at the time at 5.  She was on a mission, a paranoid and angry mission. 

It's been just Mom and I since about 8.  She refused to eat her breakfast despite demanding to be fed and liking what I served her.  After trying for almost a half an hour to get her to eat, I finally fed her myself.  That's a first and not a welcome addition to our routine. But, she ate every bite, so I'll keep it in mind for the future.

Breakfast was over and I was sitting quietly working on my laptop.  She looked over and in a whiny voice pleaded, "Oh, please don't do that.  They will kill me."  I asked her what it was that I was doing that bothered her.  She looked surprised and said, "You're sitting quietly just like me."  I wanted to know what I was doing that was going to get her killed.  She said, "YOU"RE GOING TO KILL ME? WHY?"  I tried to calm her and tell her that I wasn't going to kill her.  "But, you said it!  Why would you want to kill me?"  Sobbing.  "You're going to kill me and I haven't even eaten in 3 days!" 

The morning moved on from there.  She only hit me once, so that's good.  She screamed  OUCH when she did it, so that's bad.  Since no one has called the police on me yet, I'm guessing the neighbors understand what is happening. 

We did a lot more of the same before the day care van arrived.  I thanked the driver for picking Mom up.  There's nothing new in that. I then apologized that she had to pick Mom up.  That's new. 

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