Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Disgusting alert...

Disgusting alert.  Seriously.

Each day that my babies were growing up, was always better than the day before.  And, for the most part, even though they are both teens now, it is still true. I've long compared this journey through Alzheimer's as a reverse childhood.  So, it only makes sense that each day is worse than the day before. 

And today was one more piece of evidence to prove it to be true. 

When I started Mom on diapers a few months ago, I knew that my gross level would be tested.  Being that I have a very low threshold for gross, I knew it wouldn't take much.  But, walking by her today and detecting an overwhelming aroma of poop, I had no idea how bad it could be.  You see, she had it head to toe.  It was all over her hands, in her hair, on her clothes, on her shoes.  It was everywhere but in her diaper.  So, that led to a disgusting question.   The answer was on the floor of her room in front of her closet.

So, Alzheimer's strikes again.  And, if today was horrible, what does tomorrow have in store?

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