Saturday, January 11, 2014

Surprise! It's my birthday...

The first rule of dealing with an Alzheimer's patient is:  Do not argue.  Whatever you say will not make one tiny shred of difference to their reality.  So, why do I allow myself to be dragged into arguing? 

Mom was very angry with me because I did not appreciate the candles on my cake.  For that matter, I didn't appreciate the cake either.  She was angry that I ignored the people who took time from their day to sing me happy birthday.  So, when I pointed out that it wasn't my birthday, that just made her angrier.   "That woman" would have had no reason to lie to her.  And, how can I argue with the proof of the cake?  People don't just bring birthday cakes for no reason! 

Oh, yeah!  I argued.  And lost.  Surprise!  Now, where's my cake?

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