Monday, January 6, 2014

Rally jammies...

I wrote the entry that-I-didn't-write on Friday.  At that point, Mom had been sleeping well for several days.  I didn't attribute that wonderfulness to the combination of supplements and the fact that my Fitbit was keeping track of my sleep.  I say didn't because I did not want to jinx the amazing sleep that we had been getting.

However, the joke was on me.  That very night, and the two nights since, Mom has been as restless and disruptive as ever.  Last night, while it wasn't horrible (horrible meaning that she is awake and mean) it was   the worst night in awhile.  While she woke up a lot, each time that she got up, I was able to get her back to bed fairly quietly.  She, however, would not stay there.

I finally gave up at about 3am, more from exhaustion than thinking she was down for the night.  Here is how my Fitbit saw the proceedings of the early morning:

Unfortunately, lying quietly (no movements) is considered sleeping by the monitor.  So, the period I spent lying in the dark waiting for Mom's next rising is considered sleep. 

I said in Friday's entry that I am not particularly superstitious.  But, if a baseball player turning his cap inside out and wearing it backwards helps him win a ball game?  I'm willing to give it a try with my pjs.  I shall call them Rally Jammies.  And, I shall get some sleep.  Knock wood. 

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