Monday, January 13, 2014

He is still not here...

Follow up to Dave is not here, Man...

We've used the Medical Marijuana for 3 nights now.  The first night I brewed a "tea" for Mom.  She required 2 servings but did eventually settle down.  I think that the busyness of the day contributed to her good night of sleep though.

The second night, I brewed another tea with quite a bit more cannabis in it.  She fell into a deep sleep and it looked promising.  She did wake up crying after a few hours, but was easy to calm.  She slept for another hour before the night rapidly declined into her screaming and throwing things at the wall to get my attention. So, a typical pre-cannabis night. I finally fell into bed at 5:45 feeling very hopeless and defeated.  That's the wicked thing about exhaustion, it is so much more than being tired.  It plays with your mind, attitude and your judgement.

I woke up yesterday, adjusted my attitude and  I went to Facebook.  I posted the results and my ignorance of what I was doing.  I received many suggestions concerning what I could try or do differently. A dear friend shared some advice and a recipe for cannabis butter that was completely different (and easier) than anything that I had read online.  I made some yesterday and I put a little bit of the butter in Mom's chamomile tea with some honey.  Mom loved it and even cleaned the sides of the cup with her  Because the MM is entering her system through her digestive tract, it takes longer to start working.  But, within about 30-40 minutes, Mom was out.  She slept the night, no bad dreams, no temper tantrums, no wandering and no shoe throwing. 

In summary, it looks promising.  I now that I don't like the smell and that it seems to be everywhere. I know what to ask for from the dispensary. I know what doesn't work. I know that there is still so much more to learn... Like how to keep my house from smelling like a Grateful Dead concert. 

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