Friday, January 10, 2014

Dave is not here, Man...

What an extremely enlightening day.

As most of you know, sleep is a rare and coveted activity in these parts. I feel I have “exhausted” most of the avenues available to me trying to find a way to get Mom to sleep through the night. I have tried the mainstream medical society's way (both medicinal and non), every natural supplement that I could find, over the counter medications, herbal teas, heating her bed, playing music, using relaxing sounds, aromatherapy, bed time routines, exercise during the day and sitting with her. Nothing has worked for more than a few nights at a time.

So, after a LOT of reading, discussions and consideration, I have chosen to treat Mom in an unconventional but promising way. Today I took Mom to a doctor and received a recommendation to use medical marijuana to help her relax. It was a choice that was not made lightly. I am sharing this decision not to start a discussion or debate, but because I have a need to be honest and open about Mom's condition and my choices of treatment.

We arrived at the doctor's office and had to wait for several people to be seen before us.  While we were waiting Mom asked the receptionist, "Who is Mary Jewana?"  

Acquiring the recommendation was quite easy and I have mixed feelings about that. The system is definitely flawed and leaves itself open for abuse. But, I was there for a legitimate reason and that is all I can concern myself with at this point. 

Once I had the recommendation for both Mom and I (as a caregiver I needed to be registered in order to purchase and transport the marijuana), I then had to find a dispensary. This was a little uncomfortable for me. While I have no objections to other people's recreational usage, I personally have never been around pot. I had no idea what any of the terms were and no idea how to buy it. Yes, I was and am a goody-2-shoes. No apologies. The dispensary I found felt very back-alleyish. I don't know if that is the norm or if it was just this place. Anyway, after I was allowed entrance to the building by the “doorman” I was presented with a small window where paperwork and forms were passed back and forth. When it was my turn, I was led to a locked door that I didn't know the secret knock that I needed for entry. Just kidding, but that's what it felt like. I entered and was assaulted with the very pungent smell of incense. Surprise, right? The woman behind the counter asked me a few questions about how I was going to use it. She then began pulling out jar after jar and telling me the names. Whoa!! Slow down with the choices!!  It was truly overwhelming. The woman was very patient and after many questions, I made my donation (purchase). I scurried to the car with my head down, my clothes and hair wreaking, my contraband stashed out of sight.

As I drove home, with all of the windows open to dissipate the smell, I kept checking my rear view mirror for blinking red lights and sirens. I just knew that people driving by were pointing at me saying, “She just bought pot!” Everything that I did was legal, but it sure didn't feel like it.

The deed is done. I've brewed some tea and tonight I will sleep well.  


  1. Well, you have done everything humanly possible and this was an option. I know it wasn't a decision you entered into lightly. I love you and hope this helps you all to get rest and peace in the house.

  2. Thank you, Shelly. We are on our second cup of tea. But, we will get there. And I love you, too.