Monday, January 27, 2014

Safaris and imaginary friends...

When my youngest was very small, she had an imaginary friend named JoJo.  If anything went wrong, was broken or lost, JoJo did it.  I had to be creative in how discipline and lessons were handed out to keep from discouraging my daughter's imagination and/or reality.

Now I'm dealing with my 79 year old toddler who doesn't have an imaginary friend.  She has an entire group of people who make up her reality and friends.  And, they are as frustrating as my mother is.

It's 7:30 am, I'm sitting in my nightgown, and Mom just told me that she had to go to a safari.  Apparently, she volunteered me to be the guide.  Here is the conversation:

Mom:  Are your ready to go?
Me:  No.
Mom:  You need to stand up.  Now!
Me:  I'm not going to be a Safari guide.
Mom:  You're not?  You're going to get me fired.
Mom:  (voice raised) Put your shoes and socks on.  NOW!
Me:  Do NOT tell me what to do!
Mom:  I didn't.
Me:  Yes.  You did.
Mom:  I DID NOT!  That man did.
Me:  What man?
Mom:  The one who was just standing here!
Me:  Then have him be your Safari guide.
Mom:  He can't.
Me:  Why not?
Mom:  Because you need  the job. 

Just a few observations.

-Why do I even argue with her.  I have no way of "winning".  Every thing she says is true.  It is reality in Alzheimer's world.
-No, I don't need a job.  I do need a paying job.
-I miss JoJo.
-If I was leading the Safari, I would at least need time to put on my robe.


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