Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Busy work and mud pits...

Mom is on a roll today... and it isn't the good kind.  Trying not to lose my patience, I was remembering some of the silly things that she has done or said through the years. The one that came to mind happened several years ago while I was still working.

It was Summer and I had just gotten home.  Mom was outside working in the yard.  She loved to dig things up and rearrange the treasures that she liked to keep... and she liked to keep everything.  When she was through, she'd bury things and re-rearrange the same treasures.  She could keep herself busy for hours. I remember one year she dug up and threw away every rock that she could find in a 10x8 foot area of dirt.  Every rock. It took her months. But, back to my story.  On this day she had a sprinkler going full blast on that same patch of dirt.  It was now a 10x8 foot pit of rock-free, oozing mud.

I came into the yard and as I turned off the water I said, "Mom!  Why are you watering here? There's nothing here but mud!"  She responded, "Shows how much you know, when I started all that was here was dirt!"

I stand corrected.

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