Sunday, February 3, 2013

"There's something wrong..."

So, we will soon be adding another thing to the items that can't be used around Mom. 

Let's review the list so far:

-The oven upsets her because it is hot and it will burn up the house.
-The wall heater is too hot and there is "something wrong".
-The dishwasher is scary because "it is burning up the dinner and there is a red light".  And, of course, we all know that a red light means we need to stop it.
-The air conditioner is too cold.  "They" told her not to use it.
-The washing machine makes a noise that she has never heard before.  Therefore, there is "something wrong with it", as well.
-The shower is broken because it makes the bathroom warm.
-The lights are too bright.
-The laptop is going to burst into fire because it has a blinking light on it.
-The timer on the oven is clicking off the time to our deaths.
-The stove has "grandma guards" on the knobs because she couldn't get the burners to work.

And today we add the clock on the microwave.  Apparently it is broken because the numbers keep changing.  She screamed from the kitchen, "OH NO! It said 3-2-3 and now it says 3-2-4!"  It took me until 3-3-0 to convince her that it is a clock.  


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