Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm still laughing...

Pretty much every time we get in the car, Mom freaks out and tries to escape.  She's rides in the back with the "grandma" locks on the doors and a lock that prevents her from undoing her seat belt.  If we have to wait in the parked cart for any length of time she gets very angry.  We have no choice to leave her buckled because we would not be able to put the belt back on when it is time to leave.  Talking to her and trying to calm her is futile.  She is past the point of understanding reason.  So, we try to block out the rants and thrashing.  For the most part, we simply ignore the screams and threats. 

But, today it was different.  Not that there weren't rants.  Those we had in great supply.  There was even plenty of thrashing.  The highlight was when she pounded on the window and begged the young man in the next car to "save" her.  What was different was the determination to get outHer pleas got through my invisible force field when she said, "Someone hand me a nail file!".   I burst out laughing, turned around and saw this:

Let me leave you with this thought... this seat belt locks as it retracts.  Yes, I'm still laughing. 

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