Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The witching hour...

We still have not found the magic answer to get Mom to sleep through the night.  Between 3 and 4 am seems to be the "witching" hour.  Every night for the last week, she has woken up around that time and wanders, cries, yells, opens and shuts things, puts her face into sleeping faces, touches said faces to see if they are real, and generally decides we should all be up. 

So, this morning at about 3:30 my eyes popped open and refused to shut again.  I was just waiting for the quiet time to be shattered.  And I laid there.  Every leg that my daughters twitched and every step that a cat took was magnified.  As I tried to force myself to relax, another sound would explode in my ears. But Mom slept on. 

Finally, after almost an hour of waiting, exhaustion took over and I fell into a restless sleep.  And there it was.  The reprieve was over.  Mom was up and not happy that we weren't.  Although I know it is a disease, it is at times like these that I am forced to wonder if she does these things on purpose.  Even as I remind myself that it is not possible, I still have to say, "Well played, Mom. Well played."

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