Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dr. Awesome...

Mom had a follow-up appointment today with Dr. Awesome.  Yes, that is what I call her.  We got called in late and Mom was in full form.  She did NOT want to stay and "get out of my way" was said many times. The nurse commented that I must not get very much rest.  Everyone in the place was able to see a small glimpse into what she is like.  And I had the satisfaction of being able to assure the doctor that her behavior was with her anti-anxiety meds having been taken.

I had a list of questions that the doctor patiently answered.  No, I do not have to continue giving any preventative meds that could prolong Mom's life. The doctor went through her list of meds and one by one explained what the medicine does and what would happen if I stopped giving them to her. 

I also asked about prescribing anti-psychotic drugs and the correlation between their use and premature deaths.  The doctor is not against the use of them and plans to prescribe one as soon as she has the results of a brain MRI.

And, finally, I asked if the doctor feels that Mom is ready to be admitted to a nursing home.  Her answer was a definite yes.  She feels Mom would actually do better in a home.  Between the falling, the anger and Mom's escalating unsafe behavior in a car, she feels that Mom would be safer in a home.  I have asked her to begin the process. 

I appreciate that this doctor is in Mom's corner, but is still able to find ways to help me and my family.  And, I will continue to call her Dr. Awesome. 

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  1. YAYYYYYY!!!! I am so happy for you and the girls, Nancy!! I appreciate that they see not just the patient's situation but the family as a whole and are concerned about the overall best interests. I am so relieved for you and can feel a big, deep exhale coming soon...and rest...blissful, much needed rest!