Monday, April 1, 2013

The adjustment...

Today Mom started her third week of daycare.  She's been getting in the van each morning, for the most part, with no issues.  The hardest adjustment has been the fluctuating pickup times. They vary as much as an hour and a half.  As frustrating as not having a definite time of pickup is for me, I understand that they are picking up other people whose behavior is as unpredictable as Mom's.  So, I will just be patient with the situation.  And as my NCOIC (boss) in the Army used to say, I will think of the benefits and ignore the rest.

After a rough night last night, I was hoping to take advantage of Mom's absence with the first true nap that I have had in a very long time.  I had just dozed off when, you guessed it, the phone rang. I had the same feeling upon seeing the daycare listed on my caller ID as I do when I see my daughter's school number when they call.  Usually, it's a feeling of mild panic and the quick thought wondering how quickly I need to get to school.  It turned out to be the nurse at the daycare wanting to know if Mom's meds had been changed.  It seems that she had her first content morning since she started attending.  And, because her medications have not changed, this seems to mean that she is adjusting to her new surroundings.  Hallelujah!  I have adjusted quite well and I am relieved that she is finding some peace in the situation. 

Unforunately, Mom's day deteriorated after the call.  She misplaced her purse and we all know that the world must stop and all inhabitants must find the purse before life can continue.  She was sent home with a "dummy purse" and the assurance that they have found her purse and it will be returned tomorrow.  But, I have to wonder how many times they have faced this same situation that they keep extra purses available.  

I leave you today with these two thoughts: 
- I find it ironic that Mom can interrupt my nap without even being here.
- In a very perverse way, I think it is in bad taste, but no less hysterical, that they call it a "dummy purse". 

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