Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daycare update...

This morning there was a problem with the transportation getting Mom to her day at post-school (if it's pre-school for a four year old then it must be post-school for a 78 year old).  My choice was to either keep her home or drive her myself.  Yep, I immediately drove her there.

First off, Mom slept the whole trip there.  Now, if we had been at home, there is no way that she would have even been relaxed, much less sleeping.  We walked into the daycare and she just left me standing there in the lobby. She knew where she was and where she wanted to be. And it did not include me.  As she was going down the hall, she was asking for her friend... by name! 

I stayed for a few minutes to ask the staff how Mom has adjusted.  They told me that at first, she tried to leave. A lot.  And that she would also become very agitated and delusional in the afternoons.  But, now she socializes and tries to help the staff with little tasks.  They said she walks back to the exercise room and does some physical therapy.  Or she'll stop and watch people in the computer room.  Sometimes she goes out and sits in the gated courtyard in the sun. 

All in all, she seems to enjoy her time there. I am happy that she (and I) found this outlet.  Now, I just need to talk the staff into having sleepovers.


  1. yay!!! Thanking God for post-school!! What a blessing for all!

  2. Yay!!! Now, if only they did offer sleepovers. LOL