Friday, April 26, 2013

The light...

 This is what the light at the end of the tunnel looks like.

We loved the board and care that we looked at today.  It was everything that we have been wanting.  Unfortunately, it is out of Mom's price range.  Way out.  But, the couple who own the facility want to work with us.  He will help me fill out the paperwork to get Mom qualified for the assistance from the Veteran's Administration that she is qualified for because Dad served in Korea.  But, the amazing part is that these kind people will accept only what Mom can afford until she qualifies.  They do not expect anything more than that.  What an incredible blessing this will be. What amazing people these two are.

As we were asking questions and touring the facility, I noticed how calm the other residents were.  And it hit me.  I realized that a large part of Mom's agitation is us.   Each day in this house is typical of any home with children and teenagers... hurry here, commitments there, homework, shopping, last minute projects, etc.   We have forced her to fit into our lives when that is not what she needs.  She needs a schedule and routine. And, that is exactly what this facility will offer her.

But, the absolute best part was Mom.  When we arrived she was agitated and angry.  We spent about a half an hour there.  In that time, the wife talked, prayed and spent time with Mom.  By the time we left, Mom had calmed down.  She didn't want to leave the woman.  As we left, Mom went over, gave her a hug, told her that she didn't want to leave without her and that she loved her.  I was so relieved. Even Mom recognized that she has found a home.  I know that this will be the absolute best thing for Mom.  I think she will be happy there.  The light is still a little ways down the tunnel but its beauty shines clear and bright..


  1. Made me cry with joy for you all!!!

    1. I'm praying that this is the answer. But, if it isn't, then He has something better for us.