Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't judge...

Mom was never a great housekeeper.  Not even close.  She used to say that people came to see her, not her house.  Since her illness has set in, it has been surprising to watch her obsess about things on the floor.  Tables, counters, bookcases, drawers and cupboards can be stacked with stuff, but do not let her see a piece of lint on the floor.  Wandering through the grocery store, she will stop to pick up an empty gum wrapper.  At the doctor's office, she will pick up the tab off of a band-aid.  Walking through a parking lot, she will stop and try to pry a piece of gum out of the asphalt. On a good day the trashy items will end up in a trash can.  On the bad days they are stashed in a drawer, dropped into the dog's food, shoved into a pocket, or, the worst to date, I am forced to dig a mound of trash out of the toilet.  Yes, it's gross, very gross, but it is also very funny. 

So, as Mom was being helped out of the van today, I see the driver's sides shaking.  Maria is trying very hard to keep a straight face.  It seems for the entire ride home, Mom has been trying to pick up a coin off the floor of the van.  I peek and the coin is a bolt, set into the floor.  And Mom is trying to pry it off of the floor. The driver's ability to keep a straight face was very impressive... right up until I told her about the ball shaped prism hanging in the living room window.  The same prism that shines hundreds of rainbows all over the living room every afternoon.  Rainbows that Mom can spend endless amounts of time trying to pick up up off the floor.  Yep, it is just as fun as that laser you make your cat chase.  Don't judge. :)

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