Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleeping in...

It's the weekend.  No one has to be at work or school.  The only place anyone wants to be is in bed, sleeping late.  I am in that Mom mode where I am aware of what's going on around me but still sleeping.  I hear my mother go back and forth... to her room, to the kitchen, to her room, to the kitchen and back to her room.  I've lost count of the number of times she's made the trip.  I do know that it's still dark and I cannot bring myself to crawl out of my warm cocoon.  I know she's safe. Just as I know that most of the crackers, cookies and tea bags are being stashed in Mom's dresser.  But, darn it, I'm warm.

As I doze in and out of a dream where I am back in the Army, I am vaguely aware of Mom offering bread   to my sleeping daughters.  The 12 year old is offered some to take to her wife.  In my dream I am having trouble finding my barracks room.  I opened the wrong door and apparently the occupants did not want to be woken up either.  I was running out of the room when suddenly I open my eyes to 2 slices of white bread a few inches in front of my face.  I knocked them away from me to the sound of Mom's scream!  But all is not lost, Mom pulls 2 more slices of bread from deep in her pajama pocket as she says, "Here. Take these. They're the clean ones." 

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