Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pet food and OJ...

When I first stopped working, scratch that, when I first stopped working for pay, I did a lot of couponing.  I saved some money, picked things up cheap enough that I had a cushion for the "hard times".  But, the prep work required was too distracting and upsetting for Mom.  So, I eventually just stopped.  But, Katie has been bugging me to start again.  I think I gave her the let's-see-what-we-can-get-for-free bug.  So, she and I have been working on coupons after Mom goes to bed.  And, I remembered how fun it is.

Fast forward to our trip to Target for a coupon trip.  I made sure that Mom had a full belly and was in a good mood before we left.  We picked up some pet food, milk and orange juice and there it was... I look behind me (remember she's always at least 5 paces behind) and she is quietly sobbing as she is pushing the cart.  She is feeling sick.  So, a quick check out, a short ride and we are home.  She offers to help put our 8 items away, but I tell to go sit down until she feels better.  You know what's coming.  I know you do. She responds with, "I'm not sick. I feel fine." 

So, end of story is that the dog and cats will be eating well tonight and we will be having cereal and O.J.  Oh, and I get to add one more thing to the "I'll do that after she goes to sleep" list.

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