Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where Mom used to live...

A stranger has moved in where Mom used to live.
She has no more gentle words, no lullabies, no kindness to give.
She spends her days cold, lonely, unknown,
in a room full of people she lives all alone.
I hate the very words, Alzheimer's disease.
It's stolen her mind, our peace, her memories.
This thief has brought us all anger and countless tears.
My mother is a stranger to herself, and lives her greatest fear.
But I have news for this disease that has taught me to hate...
It has taken so much but it will not take our Faith.
For if it does, it will truly have won.
But our Father gave us more than it can ever take, He gave us His Son.
And in His dying, my Mother will become whole and forever live on.


  1. this is so beautifully put Nancy...i pray that you and your mom get comfort somehow someway...<3