Sunday, January 6, 2013

The blankets...

I washed the blankets from Mom's bed today.  Here's the conversation.

Me:  Would you go put this blanket on your bed?
Mom: On MY bed?
Me:  Yes, please.
Mom:  These?
Me: Yes, please.
Me:  Mom?  Can you put the blankets on your bed?
Mom:  Just one?
Me:  That's fine.
Mom: For how many people?
Me:  Just for you.
Mom:  I thought other people were coming.
Me. No, just you. So, can you put it on? 
Mom:  Yes, but I'm hungry.
Me:  Ok. We'll get you something else to eat.
Mom:  Why?  I thought you wanted me to put the blankets on the bed.
Me:  I do.
Mom: Then why couldn't you just ask me.
Me:  Mom? Can you put the blankets on your bed.
Mom: NO!  I'm scared.
Me:  Of what?
Mom:  Whatever you did to the blankets.
Me:  May I put them on for you?
Mom: No. I don't need blankets.
Me:  Mom, it is Winter. You need blankets.
Mom: Ok.  You want all of them on?
Me:  Yes.  All three.
Mom:  You're going to kill me aren't you?
Me:  No.  But I need you to put the blankets on.
Mom:  Well. I'm not going to.
Me:  Ok. That's fine.  May I put them on for you?
Mom:  No. I don't even live here.
Me:  Ok.
Me:  Would you please put one of the blankets on your bed? Please?
Mom:  But I have blankets already.
Me:  No, they're right there. I washed them.
Mom:  They were washed when they were on the bed.
Me:  I washed them again. Would you put just one on?
Mom: No. There are three here.
Me:  Yes, I know. They need to go on your bed.
Mom:  No!
Mom goes to her room.
Mom:  Where are my blankets? 
Me:  Right here. They need to get put on your bed.
Mom:  Well. I'm not doing it.
Me:  Ok. That's fine. 
DD distracts her while I go put them on.
Mom:  I would have done it if you'd asked.
Me:  Go screw yourself.
Mom:  So I was supposed to screw myself before I put the blankets on the bed?


  1. OMG, this is my new favorite thing ever!!

    1. It was pretty funny. Of course, she didn't see the humor.