Monday, January 28, 2013

Update: She looks calm to me...

This is an update to my post from January 22  (She looks calm to me...)

The day after our trip through Hell I had a meeting with the Mom's doctor... the doctor's request.  I went into the office determined to get Mom, and indirectly me, some help.  I was already an emotional mess and I figured that could only help my cause.  But, I was also heartbroken that I had so misjudged the doctor and I was ticked. I thought this woman was going to be more than a doctor.  She was going to be our advocate. I knew in my heart that she cared and I was sad that I was wrong.

As we waited in the liaison's office for the "unscheduled appointment", the liaison commented that we were lucky to have a doctor that cares as much as she does. Hmmm, maybe I wasn't wrong?  And, in comes the hurried doctor.  She sits down, looks me in the eye and asks, "Nancy, do YOU want me to prescribe something to calm your mother?"  I told her yes. She asked me why and I briefly told her of the trip across town the day before. She left the room and returned with a prescription.  She told me that it wasn't that she wouldn't write the prescription.  It was that she wouldn't write it based on my brother's request.  And, since he was the one who took her to the appointment the day before, she had refused.  She felt that someone who sees Mom for 4 hours a week was not qualified to request the prescription.  She then told me that if there is anything that she could do to help me that she would try to find a way to do it.  She then hugged me while I cried tears of gratitude. 

I felt I had to write this update just to let people know that there are doctors who care.  Ones who will go the extra mile for you.  And, if you haven't found that doctor, keep looking.  They are out there.  And they can make all of the difference in the world. 

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