Friday, May 2, 2014

Thank you, Sargeant Rivera...

Well, Operation Be A Kinder, Gentler Caregiver has been going for awhile now.  Overall, I'd give my self a solid B.  I've relaxed a lot and continue to try and see her as the victim.  She hasn't changed and I didn't expect her to.  She's still agitated and angry much of the time.  When I was in the Army I had a supervisor that gave some good advice.  He told us that when something hurts us or makes us angry that we should think of it like a hot ember landing on our arm and we should "just brush it off" before it burns us too severely.

So, after a week of non-stop brushing, I lost it.  I fixed Mom a plate of dinner... the exact same thing that we were all having.  It was so hot today that we sat outside on the front porch to eat.  As I sat down, she looked at my plate, that looked exactly like her plate, and she said, "Why is yours always bigger and better than mine?"  And I lost it.  I took my plate of food and scraped it onto hers and said, "There!  Now yours is bigger and better!" 

And she ate my dinner. 


  1. LMBO sorry but that response was just funny. I think I would have then made a PB&J sandwich, plopped down next to her and remake the When Harry Met Sally diner scene about how GREAT that sandwich was. But I'm just rotten like that. LOL

  2. LOL... you're not rotten, you're funny. The girls make me laugh when they do it... not quite Sally but pretty close.