Friday, May 23, 2014

Sand castles...

Today was a bad day... more bad news in an already overwhelmingly bad time. As I sit here thinking, sinking into my melancholy, my mind's eye keeps seeing flashes of the ocean as it pounds the shore. I see a rather simple sand castle. There is a woman scrambling to finish the structure before the sea steals it all. The castle is humble. I feel the joy she is feeling in her work. As the tide finally starts to recede, I see her straighten and stretch her tired muscles, tears slowly slipping down her cheeks. She looks at me and I feel her struggle... the struggle of knowing that her castle is safe for today but if she wants it to stand tomorrow, she must return and fight the fight again. All the while knowing that the ocean is merciless and it will take it all. The sea will win. The sea always wins. And she will wonder why she fought at all. 

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