Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I miss being a wallflower...

Mom is sitting relatively quietly while I play a find-the-object game. Each time I find one, the game plays a totally random tone... Mom is singing along with the tones. So cute. When I finish a round, she says, "Why did you stop the song? I was singing with that!"

That was my Facebook status a mere 3 hours ago.  Within minutes of posting that fun, few minutes with Mom, the situation deteriorated... quickly.  "They" told her that I was going to kill her if I didn't let her leave.  I did my best to calm her but I just wasn't the person that she wanted to be trusting.  It got to the point that I just sat working on my laptop with earphones on, just so that I wouldn't lose my patience.  She became very angry and agitated.  She began grabbing at me.  She pulled so tightly on the sleeve of my hoodie that I figured it would be easier to just slide it off then to fight it out of her furiously clenched fist.  Yeah, next thing I knew I was standing in my jeans... no hoodie or shirt.

This journey seems to be a horribly choreographed dance... 2 steps forward, 3 to the side and 7 back.  There is no rhythm to it.  I just wish the song would end so that I could sit down and rest.  

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