Monday, May 5, 2014

Now that was funny...

Warning:  Some gross stuff in this one.

For tonight's entertainment we had a not so funny occurrence that was hilarious.

Mom came running out of the bathroom yelling, "Hurry!  It's broken!  Hurry!"  My oldest daughter ran in there and screams, "Oh, no!  Get out!"  I see her cringe as she looks at her grandmother and yells, "NO!  Don't get out!"  So, Mom tries to go back in and my darling daughter yells, "NO! Just don't move!"

Apparently, Mom had an accident and had "soil" all over her hands, hence the not letting her go out of the bathroom.  But, while she was trying to wash up, she somehow plugged the sink and let the water overflow.  My daughter walked into a room with an inch of water on the floor and a grandmother with "soil" all over herself.

As I went in and started mopping up the floor, my daughter is telling Mom, "Don't touch that!  No!  Don't touch that either!  Ewww!  Don't touch your face!  Mom! She's touching her face!" 

Washing towels:  About a $1.00
Showering Mom again:  Maybe 75 cents
Watching my daughter deal with it:  Definitely Priceless

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