Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Making the cut...

I have to be honest, each time a Facebook friend posts a quote about negativity or a status about cleaning up their list of friends and removing the negativity, I am surprised that I made the cut.  I feel as if all I do is complain and dwell on everything negative.

Each day I try to pull myself up and find a small portion of my sanity and my optimism. So many times, I say nothing rather than gripe or complain. But, I can only hold it in so long before I burst and the negativity comes spewing out of my mouth like a possessed woman with Tourette Syndrome.

As I sit here typing, feet up, Mom is sitting across from me. Each time she sees my feet move she yells, “OUCH! ” She then complains that I am hurting her... each and every time that I move. The problem is that we are on two separate couches and I am eight feet away from touching her. This is typical. I am wrong more often than I'm not. And that wears on me.

Then it hits me, I need to complain.  It is the way that I relieve stress.  This is not a normal situation where happiness is a choice.  This, with all of its anger and frustration, is my reality.

I will continue griping and moaning.  And I will continue sharing the positives when they happen.  But, if I don't make the next cut?  I understand.  I truly do.  Just don't be surprised if I blog about it. 


  1. I take great comfort in wearing a t-shirt under my scrub top that reads, "You have mistaken me for someone who cares". In an as much as I'd love to flash the next patient who has a petty complaint I simply give a nod and reread my t-shirt to myself. Cheap non-pharmaceutical therapy.
    Vent to your heart's content Nancy, then find a t-shirt for those days your too p.o. to speak.

  2. You will ALWAYS make the cut ♥. I love you, Narby. Gripe away. It will relieve some stress.