Saturday, April 26, 2014

Two little words...

I thought I was past the point of Mom's words being able to hurt me.  Through the last few years she's called me selfish, self-centered, a bitch, etc.  She has told strangers and family that I beat her with a chain across her back, I punch her, I trip her, I am kidnapping her and the ever popular accusation that I haven't fed her in 3 days.  She has accused me of stealing her purse, her clothes, her stuff, and the food out of her mouth.  She accuses me of lying about whatever it is she thinks that I should be doing at any point during any day.

I've heard it all.  Or I thought I had.  So, I don't know why her words today hurt me the way that they did.  She listed all of the things that she does for me every day.  Most of it was gibberish.  But at the end of the list of her wonderful deeds she looked up at me, looked into my eyes and said, "Why don't you ever say thank you?  I do everything for you and you can't even say a simple thank you." 

It was like a knife.  I couldn't get to Pandora and my earphones fast enough.  That was about a half an hour ago.  In between songs I can still hear her droning on at me.  Yes, I could say those two little words just to quiet her, but I won't.  


  1. I'm so sorry, Nancy :( Hearing those 2 little words from HER would be a miracle in and of itself, especially if she really knew what she was thanking you for, in its totality. I love you, friend.