Thursday, April 24, 2014

And then there was one...

While I am still hurt and confused by my brother's actions, I am rather calm and resigned to the situation.  He is the one who is losing something.

I actually feel some peace today.  I don't understand why he has chosen to turn his back on me and our mother.   I will probably never know and I'm sure it will pop up now and again like a sore tooth for me to worry at.  But, for now, I choose to move on.

I once visited an eerily accurate psychic who told me that the line I have on my hand was what she called a "sucker line".

The line straight across the top of my palm is the the "sucker line".  Most people have 2 broken lines where I have 1 solid.  (I know you just looked at your hand.)
She said, "Honey, you have to find a back bone or you're going to be taken advantage of for the rest of your life."  Through the years, I have developed a back bone, but it isn't stiff and unforgiving.  It is able to bend... it bends right up to the point that it will break if I don't stand up straight and say, "Enough!".

As I walk away from my brother I do say,  "Enough."

I cannot lose something that I never really had.


  1. But you can still grieve that loss ... sending you good thoughts.

  2. Thank you. Right now I just feel a weight off of my shoulders. No more expectations that aren't met.