Saturday, August 4, 2012


I am trying so very hard to find positive in this entire situation.  But, tonight it's just not working.  I am feeling lonely and sad.  I am in the midst of people but I feel invisible.  I know that I am loved but I feel betrayed.

I know that this is not about me but I want to be selfish.  Where is my caretaker?  Where is my support?  I know people have their lives and their issues but just a kind word or an acknowledgment that I am here would mean the world.  My daughters do an amazing job of making my life easier and giving me a reason to get up and embrace the sunshine each day.  They have been forced to give so much.  They have given their childhoods.  But when I'm in my deepest, darkest place and I need them the most I cannot ask for more and they do not offer.  They have already given too much.  And I am alone.

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