Monday, August 20, 2012

She can feel your love...

This is a note to my family and friends. 

I know that you love my Mom.  She is your sister, aunt, grandmother and friend.  I know some of you want to come see her.  But, she is not here anymore.  She is gone.  Watching this hideous disease rob my mother of her very dignity breaks my heart every moment of every day. And while I will not keep her from you, I truly don't think any of you are prepared to see her as she is now.  Each day I get up and think that as long as it isn't any worse than the day before that we can get through it.  But, each day is worse than the day before.  What worked yesterday doesn't work today.  And, what works today probably won't work tomorrow.  Our chances of her having a good day are very slim.  And getting slimmer. She would be devastated to have you see her like this. So, I ask you to continue loving my Mother.  But, please remember her the way she would like to be remembered.  Full of piss and vinegar.  Avoiding cameras.  Making peanut butter gravy on steak and rubber hamburger in her tacos.  And, when the need to see her becomes strong?  Please offer an extra prayer for her to find peace.  I know that deep inside where her very soul remains intact and whole, she can feel your love.

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