Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Alarming Thought...

Going shopping with Mom can be quite an experience these days.  She tells random people bits of useless information.  Most people smile kindly and keep going.  She has long, one-sided conversations with people who don't speak English.  She waves at kids and tells them thank you when they wave back.    She offers people a nickel if they will take her home with them.  She walks at least 5 paces behind us.  Always.  Today we were in the middle of our second store when I realized that her pants were on backwards.  All silly things in which I can see the humor.

Lately, though, she has been setting off the shoplifting alarms when we leave and when we enter stores.  I have searched her purse and her wallet and cannot find what is activating it.  The stores don't seem to mind when we are coming in but they often question us as we are leaving.  I have a feeling that one of these days we are going to get someone who won't believe me and will want to strip search her.  That's okay by me as long as they put her pants on right when they are through.

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