Friday, February 28, 2014

Compliments, acceptance and royalty...

My aunt posted this beautiful picture on Facebook today:

This is my mom and her younger siblings.   I have 3 comments about it:

-I have always loved this picture.  I love seeing my aunt and uncle when they were children.  These two have always shared a lovely spot in my heart.  But, the thing that strikes me is how very pretty my mom looks.  She never believed that she was pretty.  As a child, when I complimented her, she always rejected it.  I never understood why.  I still don't. 

-I posted this picture on my own Facebook page.  When someone commented on the picture, I had to stop myself from responding that 2 out of these 3 kids are no longer with us.  I stopped  because 2 are actually still alive.  It was shocking to recognize how strongly that I feel that my mother is gone. 

-When my aunt posted the picture, I showed it to my mom.  Her face brightened up.  She had a genuine smile for the first time in ages.  She said, "That's my family!"  I said, "Yes, it is.  Do you know who they are?"  She responded, "I'm not sure.  The two small ones are siblings.  And, I do know that the young lady was a duchess of some sort." 


  1. That picture is lovely! Yes, your mom really is pretty. And I am sorry she did not think so, and could not receive that. Her reaction to the picture is poignant, and yet comical. I am trying to imagine having a loved one present with me, yet "gone". I can't help but feel that it might be more painful than death. I do not know. I thank you for sharing your good, bad, ugly and totally absurd. Bless you, Nancy.

  2. Thank you. The writing truly is my sanity. It helps relieve the stress. And more importantly, it puts it all in perspective... sort of making sense of a senseless situation. It helps when people "get it", so I thank you.