Friday, February 21, 2014

Doctor Arrogant...

Today we return to the scene of the crime.  Okay, that's a little Drama Queenish.  We are going to see Mom's neurologist.  You might remember me mentioning him before.  He's the one who said he wouldn't offer me a donut because I needed to lose weight... yes, I'm still ticked about that one.  

Anyway, this is the 3 month follow-up of the visit that he did nothing to help us. Oh, wait.  He did pull me aside and tell me that, as a caregiver, I have a 40% higher chance of contracting a life-threatening disease. That might be a bad example of helping.  But, I know he thought he was helping, which is sad in itself.  So, we will be driving to L.A. to find out how well we followed his medical orders to do absolutely nothing to help Mom sleep.  For the most part, we have gone 3 months without any consistent sleep.  Some nights have been better than others, but I won't offer him thanks for the good ones. 

I know and understand that at some point there will be nothing that can be done for Mom other than make her as comfortable as possible.  But, I don't believe we are at that point. We have tried exactly 3 medications to calm her and/or help her sleep.  There has to be other things to try.

Regardless, we will be making the drive and tolerating the arrogance.  Maybe he will surprise me and actually offer some help... or a donut.  

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