Friday, February 21, 2014

Dr. Arrogant Part II...

Here's a quick recap of our visit to the neurologist's (Dr. Arrogant) office today:

The normal hour trip into the L.A. area took me only 33 minutes.  There was no traffic to speak of and I just zoomed down the freeway.  We pulled into a packed parking lot and found a front row space right in front of the door.  I actually got out and checked the space to see if the bumper was labelled for doctors only.  It wasn't... it was all mine.  We went inside and Mom let security check her purse without a fight and I didn't set off the metal detector.  It was looking to be a good visit.

As we got on the elevator, my daughter and I moved to the back while making room for Mom.  I turned around in time to see Mom stick her face into a young man's face.  As she is looking at him with a threatening attitude, she points for him to move from his spot.  His eyes got round and he moved.  He obviously was raised by his mother and knows The Look

We arrived at the doctor's office a full 30 minutes early.  Early means agitation.  Agitation means bad visit.  We were just sitting down when they called Mom into the office.  Things were going so well that I was staring to become nervous.

Long story short, Dr. Arrogant was Dr. Kind and gave us genuine support and help.  He adjusted her meds and wrote a new prescription for a sleep medication... just exactly what I had wanted. He told me he would back me on any decision about her care, just call him and he would help me.  

The best part of the day came from my 13 year old.  As we were waiting for the doctor to enter info into the computer, I was winking at my daughter.  Right eye, left eye, right eye, both eyes.  I didn't think much of it other than I was telling her that I love her.  After we finished up with the appointment and were walking to the car she said, "I understood the Morse code, Mom.  You called him an A-hole didn't you?"  Not today, Sweetie.  Not today.

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