Friday, February 28, 2014

Rainy days and Fridays...

Two mornings a week it is just Mom and I day care and no kids. We usually go to McDonald's for her breakfast (it's cheap and she doesn't complain) and then we wander around Walmart for an hour or so.  That early it is quiet and the people don't overwhelm her.  She becomes restless and doesn't usually want to stay at Walmart, but she needs to get out and move around.

Then we come home where she complains and begs to go out. "I want to go out... Are you ready?  You told me we could go out...  Are you ready?   You said that you'd take me... Are you ready?  Are you going to take me out or not?"  It truly is non-stop.  For hours.  Most days, I block her access to the doors and I put headphones on and play Pandora so that I don't snap at her. 

Today, I feel confident enough that she wouldn't leave that I cleared the way to allow her to get to the door. She's been threatening to leave for hours now. She has added, "If you won't take me then I'll go by myself!"  She has been picking up her purse, checking its contents and then sitting back down.  She then asks/begs me to take her for the last 15-20 minutes.  And when I don't get up, she picks up her purse again.  After about an hour and a half, she has just added her jacket into the mix.  And then hung her jacket on the vacuum cleaner in the corner of the hall.  I see her frustration and would love to be able distract and redirect her.  Everything I try is met with accusations that I lied to her about going.  It's easier and less stressful for both of us to let her accuse.

Yes, Pandora, I'm still listening... 

In the silence while waiting for the music to start back up, I am sucked into an argument.  "No, I am not going for a walk, but you are welcome to go if you want to." 

She's doing it... she's heading for the door... the door opens... and there it is...  "IT"S RAINING!  You knew it was raining!  And you're going to make me walk in THAT?"

Judge if you need to but that was fun!

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