Thursday, March 7, 2013


Mom cannot stop picking and scratching her skin until it is bloody.  She then lies in bed at night screaming about how badly her skin hurts. She has many stories of what evil person did this to her and how.  She no longer understands simple instructions like "Please, stop scratching." or "Put your hands in your lap".  And, to be honest, I am tired of asking/telling her to do these things. In fact, it pushes my button faster than anything that she does.  But, if I do nothing, she becomes a huge, and eventually infected, sore.

We have tried salves, medications, cortizone creams, distractions, tall socks, gloves, reasoning... you name it.

So, this is what my life has become:

A pile of rolled up children's socks.  Each time she starts picking I toss a sock to her.  She then gets up and returns the socks to me for the next round of picking. Am I desperate?  You betcha!                                                                                                                                                                

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