Monday, March 4, 2013

I haven't done it...

 "Have you called..."  "Have you taken care of..."  "Did you do..."  I am so tired of these questions.  Whatever it is that you've asked me to do, or think that I should have already done, I haven't. 

Everyday I wait until 3:15 to go to the bathroom.  Why?  That's what time my 12 year old daughter gets home.  She gets to watch her grandma while I take care of my business.  I shower when it fits into my oldest daughter's time at home.  We, as a family, are weeks behind on laundry.  We rarely cook at home because it simply is not worth the drama that it causes. A simple chore requires 2 people, one to actually do it and one to run interference with Mom.  I do anything that must be done after Mom goes to bed if I have the energy left to do it. Phone calls are not made. If it can't be said in a text, it doesn't get said. 

Saying that our lives have been put on hold is an understatement.

So, no, whatever it is, I haven't done it.

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