Thursday, March 14, 2013

You are my sunshine...

I saw this picture today of a sunflower field in Argentina and immediately thought of Mom. Oh, how she loved her sunflowers.  Her kitchen was decorated with them. She made many attempts to grow them.  A few times she had even been successful. She said that they made her happy.                                                  
My second thought was of Mom singing You Are My Sunshine to Kylie when she was a very little girl. Grandma was her champion and could do no wrong.  I was never allowed to ever sing the song because it was their song. I loved coming home and seeing them cuddling while Mom softly sang to her.                     
It is these random memories that give me hope that we will be able to look back objectively and remember more of the good times.  And someday I hope that Kylie will hear this song and remember only the love. Someday

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