Tuesday, March 12, 2013


-Why do I calmly accept it when you cancel the only time of true peace that I have in a week?
-Why do you think that your time is more important than mine?
-Why do I value a family that does not value me?
-Why do I try so hard to keep a family together that is only a shell of what a true family is?
-Why can you not see that this is killing me?
-Why is it that you cannot "handle" her for 5 hours but I am expected to do it for days and weeks on end?
-Why am I putting my family and myself through this?
-Why am I not worth more than this?
-Why are you the only one who is thanked for taking care of our mother?
-Why do I  feel like an only child?
-Why do I still allow myself to be surprised and disappointed?

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