Thursday, October 4, 2012

The great escape...

Last night my oldest daughter and I were up at 2 am preparing for her early morning trip to the airport.  We kept the house dark so that we didn't disturb Mom.  As we were sitting in the darkened living room, there's Mom's head poking around the corner to see if anyone was up.  She didn't see us so she scurried to the kitchen.  Kylie followed and watched to see what she was doing.  By the glow of a small night light, she watched Mom go to the cupboard and begin rummaging.  Her first acquisition was a restaurant sized bottle of garlic powder... but wait!!!  She spies the tea bags... not just any tea bags but Lipton tea bags!  It is obvious that she has just hit pay dirt!  She returns the garlic powder and shoves about 8 tea bags into the pocket of her housecoat.  She moves on to another cupboard where she finds our hidden supply of Milk Bone dog biscuits.  Dang, I was saving those for a special occasion. But, Mom is thrilled.  Could this night get any sweeter?  In they go into the housecoat.  She scurries back to her room where we hear dresser drawers being opened and closed.  I couldn't help but think MacGyver and wondering when she is planning her escape.

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